Sunday, September 21, 2008

There's a Reggae Band rrrOn My Street

It's almost 12 on a Saturday night, and the reggae band somewhere near is still playing since earlier tonight. I am kinda jealous. This happens maybe once a month, but this time I'm not in bed yet.

Where is it coming from?!
I am close enough to hear the crowd screaming. It sounds like a pretty big crowd; maybe at least 20 people, and the band sounds really good... at least from where I am, which is a few blocks away. Maybe it's 3 blocks. I really want to find out now. I mean, I've always wanted to know where it was coming from, but now I want to be there.

I also learned in MUS108 that lower frequency notes travel further, and thats why you can hear the bass better. At one point I could hear a keyboard, and I can still hear the drums and the two singers.

This situation reminds me of a few RBF songs.  Here's one:

Everything Sucks

Wow, after watching that, I've just remembered why I love the Reel Big Fish.

Well, now I'm not so jealous.

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