Tuesday, May 11, 2010

say goodbye to Vesper Lynd

This is what I do instead of studying for finals. Is it worth it? Dunno yet. I still got 3 more finals to go.

I made this song using Garageband, played around with the effects and found these reverb and echo effects that reminded me of being on a boat or swimming underwater and stuff.

So I went on Youtube and started looking up movie clips of drowning scenes. (Is that normal?) Then I remembered this scene from Casino Royale, and watched that clip with my song playing in another window. It synchronized so well with the scene that I downloaded it to .mp4 or .mov (I forget which one). I didn't even have to edit the clip or anything.

This scene from Rushmore also came to mind. I think it's my favorite part in the whole movie... but I need to watch it again.
By the way, The Kinks are awesome.

I'm playing both videos at the same time, but with this one on mute, trying to synchronize the music with the scene.