Monday, October 27, 2008


Here is the answer to a lot of my problems!

Now, what does it do?

Well. . . it converts media.

Now, how can I use it?

Well, have you ever had that problem where you just want to rip the audio file off of a YouTube video?  Well, this can do it for you in a matter of seconds, then just download the mp3 to your computer.


I also used to use, which is almost the same thing, but it emails the converted file to you.  So inconvenient.
Oh, and I haven't thought of converting YouTube videos to just mp3 files before. . .

So, how does this help you?
Well, instead of coming back here to listen to your favorite songs off a youTube video you're not even gonna watch, just put the video's URL in the easy to fill out form and download that baby.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

She's Gone

Here's a song I just found on YouTube, and immediately fell in love with.

She's Gone - Bob Marley

and a supposedly rare acoustic recording I think is from a rehearsal, but I love it too! It's haunting and soulful!

and here's a great cover from some other dude performing it live at his local club:

I'd really like to get a hold of the audio file for this song, and if anyone has one lying around I'd appreciate it if they'd sent it over my way.

Or I could just buy the album, which I wouldn't mind at all.

... but until then , I'll be listening to these vids just to get my fix.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Self Actualization

Here's a snippet of interesting info I stumbled upon a while ago while exploring Wikipedia:

"   People that have reached self-actualization are characterized by certain behaviors. Common traits amongst people that have reached self-actualization are as follows: [6]They embrace reality and facts rather than denying truth. They are spontaneous. They are interested in solving problems which may include personal problems or the emotional conflicts of others. They are accepting of themselves and others and lack prejudice."

Sound like anyone you know?

And yeah, I cited Wikipedia!  Oh no!  Flunk me!

Wikipedia is accurate. [citation needed]

Monday, October 20, 2008

Soul Adventurah

Upon further inspection of the entire album, Roots, Rock, Remixed, I have so far concluded that my NEW favorite song is Soul Rebel (Afrodisiac Sound System remix).

I'm a rebel/soul rebel/I'm a capturah/soul adventurah

And guess what. The original is AWESOME too.

Soul Rebel - Bob Marley.mp3

And I also like African Herbsman (King Kooba Remix),
and Rainbow Country (DJ Spooky's Subliminal Funk remix),
and Don't Rock My Boat (Stuhr remix).

Here's their originals, and out of these three songs, I have no favorite because they're ALL GOOD!

African Herbsman - Bob Marley.mp3

Don't Rock My Boat would later become Satisfy My Soul

Geez, all these songs are good -- no, great.

And whoa! All the songs on my iPod with the word 'soul' in the title or elsewhere are all good. . . to me at least.  Amazing!

Soul Sammich
Soul Arrival
Soul Rebel
Satisfy My Soul
Soul Shakedown Party
Last Living Souls
Get Innocuous (Soulwax remix)
Soul to Squeeze
Ulcer Soul <-- (this one I'm still getting used to.)

Well, that's not fair because I do like almost all the songs on my iPod.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Roots, Rock, Remixed

Yeehaw!  Czech out what I just BOUGHT at Jelly's tonight!


A REAL CD!  Yes, they still make those.  And I bought one -- with cash monies.  So old school.

I was actually looking for a birthday present for my dad, and stumbled upon this beauty on my way out.  Oops!  Sorry, Pops.

Anyways, two of my many favorite stylees (yes, hungry babe is the new stylee) of music -- REGGAE and ELECTRONIC -- have been conveniently put together in this one awesome album, and it's BOB!  And the Wailers, as well!

So, how well does electronica and Bob go together?  Well, let's see if I can find a link to my favorite remix.

ACTUALLY, look at what I JUST figured out how to do:

I legally ripped this off of their Official MySpace page.

BUT ALAS!  They don't have a sample of my favorite song on this album:

One Love (Cordovan remix)

If you ever have the chance, give it a listen if you can find it, or me.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Mr. DJ

To the best of my knowledge, this song, Roots Rockin', was originally done by the group Aswad.  That's as far back as I can trace it, but I haven't really researched it thoroughly yet.  And according to Wikipedia, they were also known for their versions of Don't Turn Around and Best of My Love.  I'll save that for anazah lonely day.

Anyway, here's a video, but the "sun-splashin" part kinda throws me off.

This song is so popular, that it's been covered many times by various artists, or at least has inspired others with its lyrics.  Check these out.

Boss DJ - Sublime
Bad Fish/Boss DJ Jack Johnson
Boss DJ - Reel Big Fish (sorry, I can't find the file)

See how the torch has been passed?  It's like music evolution!