Monday, September 8, 2008

Blog Cherry

Hey!  First blog post ever.  Exciting!

So I've started blogging because my cousin recommended it.  She didn't like reading my MySpace bulletins because they were hard to find, and I don't think she cared much for 'em.  Damn those surveys; what I do is... sometimes classier.  (I don't know if "classy" includes "Rockstar Sperm for Sale.")  If you haven't read any of my MySpace bulletins, you've been missing out on valuable info on some hilarious videos and awesome music, and movie recommendations/reviews.

Anyway, that's some intro for y'all for now.  Maybe if there's enough interest, I'll turn this into a music blog, which I've been interested in doing for a while now.  For now, I'll find some fancy music player to embed on this thang... or INto because I'd be embeeeddding it.

I'm falling asleep.  Moving on.


So the usual is that I am always on Wikipedia and YouTube, and I just look up shit... or stuff.  I look up music a lot -- music videos, live performances, covers, acoustic renditions, remixes --and I also look up the artist's info and I learn a LOT... or i read a lot; I'm not sure if it "sticks" yet.  And I'm still not entirely sure how to use semi-colons yet; please bear with me.

Oh that was another intro, kinda.  I need another one of these:


Here's what I stumbled upon earlier today.  It was actually recommended by YouTube especially for me.  How dooo they do it?

"Best Office Prank Ever"

Well, it IS the best I've seen so far.  So clever.  So inspiring.  I actually did "lol" watching this one.  Then I clicked on some related videos, subscribed to CheeksDown, and yeah, found a few more awesome videos that I'd like to share -- in the Future; like tomorrow.  I'd like to review this one a little more, but ehhh... watch it.  Do it yo-self, haha.  Just enjoy it.  Be inspired.  Go put up a drywall somewhere.  Confuse the hell out of your co-workers -- strangers even!  Yeah!

P's out.  I just thought of that one.... because my name, you know... nevermind
...and the band-name ideas start flowin'.

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