Saturday, November 29, 2008

When I'm in the pit

This is 23 seconds of Reel Big Fish performing their big hit from the '90s, Sell Out at Pipeline Cafe, back in the summer of '07... or almost summer.  It was April 5th; close enough.

I was there.  It happened.  Want proof?

If you look carefully, and know what I looked like last year, you'll see me in the front with my arm over the barrier between 0:05 and 0:08!

See me?

I'm the guy with the gray sleeveless and black hair and about a head shorter than everyone else.

By the way, 
NEW RBF ALBUM coming out JANUARY 20 or something!!

Fame, Fortune, and Fornication

All ska cover songs!  I wanted to do that!

I will get this album, and if they ever come back to Hawaii, I'll be there if I'm not on the mainland by then.  If I were, I could drive to whatever state they'd be in.  Oh the possibilities...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

How It Should Have Ended

Surfing the YouTube, I found this video:

and it is so true.

I recommend subscribing to HISHEdotcom's channel on YouTube, or visiting because their videos are so funny.  Some are.

If you've seen the movies they parody, it makes more sense, doh.

But fo' real, what was Willy Wonka on?  Hahahaha!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bam Bam

Here's a great song I heard on the radio while driving through the streets of San Andreas:

The Pliers - Bam Bam

and for those of you who are wondering, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PS2 is what I was referring to.  My real permit expired back in September.  Crap.

Here's some versions the same song by its original band, Toots and the Maytals:

I like both of Toots and the Maytals' versions, and I've no clue which one came first.
Oh, there's also a version with Shaggy . . . look it up yo'self.  I'm not in a Shaggy mood - don't think I ever was haha.

I think that the next album I buy will be a Toots and the Maytals album.  They have a lot of good songs that have been covered by lots-o-groups.  I'll save that for another post.

Finally, here's a Sister Nancy version, which I also enjoy:

Now, the thing bothering me about this version is that I think I've heard this bass-line before, but WHERE from?  The first thing that came to mind was Sublime - Scarlet Begonias.  I'll investigate later.

Bottom line: Me sa want ta bam bam.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't Let It Go To Your Head

Good Lord...

Right now,

I feel at peace right now, despite all these life changing decisions that are stressing me out at this moment, but understand this: "at peace" or "satisfied" does NOT mean "happy."

Here's why I feel so:

It's not the video, but the song.  I just ripped the audio off this video using

The song is
Don't Let It Go To Your Head by Black Harmony

and I've been searching for this song for the longest time, and now that I have it (thanks to, I feel accomplished and everything, ya know? 

It's kinda hard to express in words the way I feel.  This song is comforting, and finally having the ability to listen to it an infinite amount of times on my iPod is just... ahh I feel ACCOMPLISHED, like I could die happy now.  I just listen to this song, and I want to cry out of relief or something.  Kinda similar to when I listen to Bob Marley, and want to get up and sing. There's just so much emotion in this song, or maybe it's just me.  Anyway, 


It's so chill, and kind of sad but happy...?  It's hard to explain.  It's like love.  Just read the lyrics, or even better, listen to the song!  And it's groovy.  A++, 6 stars out of 5 in my book.  Hell, maybe a 7!

Now that you know
how I feel about you,
don't let it go your head, no.
Don't let it go to your head, no no no no.

Now that you know I can't live without you,
don't let it go to your head, no.
Don't let it go to your head, no no no no.

Don't take advantage of my love.
Treat me good,
treat me bad,
treat me bad.

Now that I'm givin' you every part of me,
don't let go to your head, no.
Don't let it go to your head, no no no no.

'Cause if you're playing games,
it would be a shame.
Don't break my heart.
Don't break my heart.

Now that you know how I feel about you,
Don't let it go to your head, no.
Don't let it go to your head, no no no no.

'Cause if you're playing games
it would be a shame.
Don't break my heart.
Don't break my heart.

Don't let it,
don't let it,
don't let it
to your head, no no no no.

But the reason why I feel pretty stressed out is because I think I'm gonna join the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserves, possibly next semester.

. . . .

I gotta make a decision REALLY soon if I want to go through with this now, because later is WAAAY later, and time is money.  I don't want my parents paying for my college education
anymore, and I want to live on my own, closer to school, but is the military REALLY what I want to do to have things my way?

I'm still not sure . . . 

but in my mind, there's no other way that will pay out the same or better.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

too tired to go to bed

sometimes i wish i could just sleep when i'm tired

but no...

i can't sleep on the recliner
i have to take a shower and blahblahbkahsdalj

if i take a shower i won't be tired anymore!
this is a common dilemma of mine

here's a video:

Who Can It Be Now - Men At Work

btw, i almost got mugged today.  funny story.  tell ya later.

and also, i'm thniking of joining the national guard again...

sounds like a good plan, but why don't i wanna do it?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Do You Think You Love Me?

Mary Jane - Rick James

Because I can't find any tabs for this song at all, I'll at least give the chords to y'all right here. I figured it out after carefully studying the original, and videos of Jason Mraz's cover. It's a good cover. You should look it up, or I'll post it later.

The song is in the key of D, I think

Bm A

Em A


Dmaj7 Gm Fm Bm7

That's the basics. If anyone wants to jam, look me up.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i AM yo neighbor!

yeeuh!  i just finished my paper in 2ish hours, and i feel a-hole lot better

unless you're out partying with me
then procrastinate later

...that means you can procrastoasdfwhateva after you've done your work

everything else that was bothering me is like nothing now!
i wonder how long this will last. . . 

if what they say is 'nothing lasts forever'
then what makes
then what makes
then what makes
then what makes
what makes
what makes
what makes
love the exception?

so why oh why oh
whyyyy oh why oh why oh
are we so in denial when we know we're not happy here?

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown!  GREAT VIDEO!!!!!  GREATER SONG!!
Hey Ya - Outkast

lend me some sugar
i AM your neighbor!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

out of sync

k well, today is a special day.  no capital letters unless i feel like it because today is just weird.

i just feel out of focus today
lazier than usual

or maybe just as lazy, but maybe i've noticed it more today because i actually have a major homework assignment due tomorrow

this is pretty much the biggest homework ass. i've had all year, and it's only gonna be 2 pages

my mind keeps on straying, and i get frustrated just thinking about sitting down and working on this paper all night

btw, i got my religion midterm test back today, and no surprise, i failed it.  24/50.  i best i can hope for is a D.

lesson: go to class!  or at least the one with the review before the test!

but i havent let that bother me yet.  this PAPER is.

eadfasdfaisdjgdgasopdgopaehduigheapgtnadgAWEDGJASDHJGasduigbASDINFR[12POJ4 24P[RBDF

that's what i'm feeling right now. . . the keyboard.  i want to break it.

this whole situation is making me feel a little pessimistic about next semester when i actually have to take an english class, and the rest of my cores, and blahsfblah blashfoshdguahd

not a lot is going right this week, but i feel like i deserve it.  i DO deserve it.  i've had a good streak for a long time now.

i'll get over it once i pinish this paper.

maybe these holidays in the middle of the week are throwing me off. . . hmmm

Sunday, November 9, 2008

That's what she said

So, I thought I had The Strokes' whole Room on Fire album, until I looked up the lyrics and found out there was one song I was missing:

Meet Me in the Bathroom - The Strokes.mp3

Then, I thought I had the whole Is This It album, and I'm actually missing New York City Cops, but I think I've read somewhere that the US version doesn't have that song, and instead has some other song . . . [brb I'm gonna Wikipedia it. . . ]

When It Started.  Good song.

They decided to release the North American version with this switch because of the 9/11 attacks, and you can probably tell why when you listen to the chorus, or look up the album on Wikipedia.


Here's a cool scene from the movie Rushmore, directed by Wes Anderson.
I like it for a few reasons, but mainly for the song A Quick One by The Who.

This "you are forgiven" part is the 3rd of 3 parts of the whole song, and is my favorite of the 3.

Now ladies and gentlemen, dig The Who!

A Quick One While He's Away - The Who

. . . and by the way, I dig their stage presence.  Watch and learn.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Want to Get to Know You

Biblical Sense - The Pietasters

This song is definitely gonna be in my repertoire once I get a ska band going.