Sunday, April 25, 2010

Give your love to the DJ

Last Friday I went to Aloha Bash at UH.

I could have done better, sigh...
I usually get to the front of the crowd at shows, and dance my ass off, but the crowd there was huge; it filled the lawn at Andrew's Ampitheater by the time Tribal Seeds was on.

I was there to see Go Jimmy Go, and maybe a little bit of Pepper.
Pepper's style has been straying away from ska lately, making it harder for me to dance because . . . I can't, haha. I skank, I mosh, maybe I'll crowd-surf one day, but I don't dance.

BUT, Go Jimmy Go was awesome, as usual. They played Monkeyman and Message to Rudy, which surprised me. I just wish those hippies SITTING in front of the stage would have got up and danced.
I will see Go Jimmy Go again sometime this summer, hopefully.

This whole week has been . . . overall, a little disappointing, for a bunch of reasons I won't go into detail yet. Can't say I didn't try.

So, here's a little something to listen to. It's a song called "Love 2 the DJ" by Sabotage Soundsystem, which Kaleo Wassman (from Pepper) is half of. This is off of their first album called The Boto Machine Gun. Brilliant.

spin me your love, always. please, girl.

eyes to the stage, she's got the meanest body.
back in the booth, they don't notice me.
needles in the groove cuz I don't use CDs.
everywhere, girls with no interest in me.

. . .

give your love to the deejay, girl.