Saturday, November 29, 2008

When I'm in the pit

This is 23 seconds of Reel Big Fish performing their big hit from the '90s, Sell Out at Pipeline Cafe, back in the summer of '07... or almost summer.  It was April 5th; close enough.

I was there.  It happened.  Want proof?

If you look carefully, and know what I looked like last year, you'll see me in the front with my arm over the barrier between 0:05 and 0:08!

See me?

I'm the guy with the gray sleeveless and black hair and about a head shorter than everyone else.

By the way, 
NEW RBF ALBUM coming out JANUARY 20 or something!!

Fame, Fortune, and Fornication

All ska cover songs!  I wanted to do that!

I will get this album, and if they ever come back to Hawaii, I'll be there if I'm not on the mainland by then.  If I were, I could drive to whatever state they'd be in.  Oh the possibilities...

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