Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sitting in a tincan

Recently, I've had the pleasure of witnessing what may be the awesomest car commercial ever. I don't even care what brand of car it is - this cover of Space Oddity by Cat Powers is amazing!

and while searching for the rest of the song (unsuccessfully), I found this:
kierstenmh's cover of Space Oddity

I like the chords she uses.  And her eyes are kinda creepy too.

In the Cat Power version, I like the breathy vocals and the drum fill into the 2nd part of the song. . . and the sound effects in the commercial haha!  It just makes it an awesome commercial.

And now, I think I'll try to find more Cat Power songs because according to Wikipedia, she's been around since 1995.  I like her style.

Aaaaand here's the original by David Bowie.  Kinda weird, but it's the original.

and here's the other Bowie version I'm more familiar with:

and finally, the Mr. Deeds version!!!!111!1!eleven!!!!111!!

I'm pretty sure all these embedded videos slow down the page loading, sorry.

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