Wednesday, November 12, 2008

out of sync

k well, today is a special day.  no capital letters unless i feel like it because today is just weird.

i just feel out of focus today
lazier than usual

or maybe just as lazy, but maybe i've noticed it more today because i actually have a major homework assignment due tomorrow

this is pretty much the biggest homework ass. i've had all year, and it's only gonna be 2 pages

my mind keeps on straying, and i get frustrated just thinking about sitting down and working on this paper all night

btw, i got my religion midterm test back today, and no surprise, i failed it.  24/50.  i best i can hope for is a D.

lesson: go to class!  or at least the one with the review before the test!

but i havent let that bother me yet.  this PAPER is.

eadfasdfaisdjgdgasopdgopaehduigheapgtnadgAWEDGJASDHJGasduigbASDINFR[12POJ4 24P[RBDF

that's what i'm feeling right now. . . the keyboard.  i want to break it.

this whole situation is making me feel a little pessimistic about next semester when i actually have to take an english class, and the rest of my cores, and blahsfblah blashfoshdguahd

not a lot is going right this week, but i feel like i deserve it.  i DO deserve it.  i've had a good streak for a long time now.

i'll get over it once i pinish this paper.

maybe these holidays in the middle of the week are throwing me off. . . hmmm

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