Friday, February 18, 2011

Rock and Roll Suicide

you take a cigarette, put it in your mouth, and feel your fingers risking another cigarette. you don't eat, don't hunger, this is true. oh oh oh you're a rock and roll suicide.

you're old but alive, and too young to die. and how long are you running in the city, the flame burning with nostalgia. oh oh oh you're a rock and roll suicide.

are you afraid of the advancing signs? don't you realize the sun is rising? while you hide in your home, you will not see that what matters is you're not alone.

h no! you're not alone! i won't leave you, even if you wanted me to. look at me, the sun will set, and another time i'll be near you. oh my love, you're not alone. i am here to protect you. let's live our lives for our own good. only us two, no one else matters.

oh my love, the heart is a departing train! the train of the heart is already leaving!! wooOOooOOoo wonderful, give me your hands!!!

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