Friday, November 19, 2010

maui update

so i'm planning on arriving before the new year, after christmas sometime. maybe a wednesday.

i've changed my home campus, registered for a few classes…
there's a beekeeping class there. hmm….

in the process of sending my financial aid info over and then praying, a lot.

so after riding my bmx in the rain today, i decided i'm bringing my fixed gear. don't want to deal with wet brakes again … it's been so long since i've experienced that on my mountain bike… scary shit mon.

right now it's storming up in palisades. thunderrrrr.

i was also thinking about bringing my electric guitar to maui, but too much to carry if i;m gonna be hopping around the place. for the first few weeks i was thinking about staying at a hostel until i find a job and a cheaper place to stay. woo!

i have to make friends and get a job… or perish.
i don't have to make friends, but… it would be nice.

i don't have to go to maui, but… this will change things. hardcore.
it will be nice. it's gonna be rough. i'm gonna push myself to survive.

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