Saturday, October 18, 2008

Roots, Rock, Remixed

Yeehaw!  Czech out what I just BOUGHT at Jelly's tonight!


A REAL CD!  Yes, they still make those.  And I bought one -- with cash monies.  So old school.

I was actually looking for a birthday present for my dad, and stumbled upon this beauty on my way out.  Oops!  Sorry, Pops.

Anyways, two of my many favorite stylees (yes, hungry babe is the new stylee) of music -- REGGAE and ELECTRONIC -- have been conveniently put together in this one awesome album, and it's BOB!  And the Wailers, as well!

So, how well does electronica and Bob go together?  Well, let's see if I can find a link to my favorite remix.

ACTUALLY, look at what I JUST figured out how to do:

I legally ripped this off of their Official MySpace page.

BUT ALAS!  They don't have a sample of my favorite song on this album:

One Love (Cordovan remix)

If you ever have the chance, give it a listen if you can find it, or me.

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