Saturday, January 22, 2011


it's been about two weeks here in maui - the beautiful island of maui. fuckin… everything here, so beautifull hahahahh

the mountains
the ocean
the people here
the spirit - the aura
there's something inthe water here that..

i dunno, people just enjoy themselves here

i love it here
i want to stay as long as i can

but i know things are about to get rough
in a good way

i need that stress
i'm already feeling it

school is killer.
the money is runnin'

3 more weeks til i get financial aid from the school
the government
that pell grant is the government's inverstment into my future
they're hoping i'll pay them back someday by getting a job
that's what this is all about.
but i can get a job without a college education
i jusssst have to try - no - i have to do it.

aaright now

i heard that maui is "the most depressed island in the state"
(maybe in other ways too)

but if i can find happiness here…
which i have…

a wise man once told we that
life goes liek this (in waves)


imagnine the entirety of human exiistence as the OCEAN , and every life is a WAVE
not even just humans, the entire everthing…
ripples in an pond, waves in an ocean

all thishappiness, all this love that i've found…
look at it.
it's about to pass.

i can hear the ocean from here
the waves breaking on the shore
like a life ending - the last and final roar of a relatively minor existence

SOJA concert tomoorw
fuckin psyched

but i think i pregamed it too early hahahahahaaa
i'm all outs of beers

ahhhhh i love shoppping for beer

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