Wednesday, December 8, 2010

omw2maui? update dec 8

things aren't looking so bright.

looks like i won't find out if i get financial aid until AFTER the semester starts - if i get it at all.

fucked up both my music finals… precalc exam too.
still got the final for precalc next week monday, and my hwst exam and essay are due by next friday.
probably getting a D in math, so acing the final would probably bring me up to a C.

same with hwst, except acing the final might give me a D. i need to do extra credit, if she still accepts it.

probably getting a C or D in my music classes.

i need a 2.0 to keep my financial aid… or i have to pay back $2700… maybe more.
i don't want to do that. i really don't want it to come to that.

i really want this to work.

remind me to mention the van next time.

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